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I can't promise I'll get to it before finals, buuut. Swiped from the lovely [personal profile] veleda_k 

Pick a character and I will give and explain the top five ideas/concepts/etc I keep in mind while writing that character that I believe are essential to accurately depicting them.

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[ profile] veleda_k let me snag this meme!

Pick a trope from this list and provide a fandom/pairing and I’ll tell you something about the story I’d write for that combination (i.e. write a snippet from the story or write not!fic or tell you the title and summary for the story I would write)

1. genderswap
2. bodyswap
3. drunk!fic
4. huddling for warmth
5. pretending to be married
6. secretly a virgin
7. amnesia
8. cross-dressing
9. forced to share a bed
10. truth or dare
11. historical AU
12. accidental-baby-acquisition
13. apocalypse fic
14. telepathy
15. High School / College AU

have at it!
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so. a thing. because i have a day off for the first time in a week and a half. 

give me a character and i'll give you headcanon. sound good? 
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10 15 WORDS OR LESS meme
→You post a pairing.
→Any character(s) you want from any of my fandoms
→I write 10 different categories.
→Each in 10 words 15 words or less. I want fifteen for absolutely no good reason
→Post as many pairings as you want.

❶. Angst:
❷. AU:
❸. Crack!fic:
❹. Crossover:
❺. First Time:
❻. Fluff:
❼. Humor:
❽. Hurt/Comfort:
❾. Smut:
❿. UST:

I did this one before, quite a while ago. Still one of my favorite memes, so I pulled it up again. So. Post as many pairings of whatever level of cracktisticty that you want. If you did it last time, post the same ones over again if you want! It'll be fun.
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Meme gleefuly stolen from [ profile] speaky_bean!

You, the reading list, give me two characters you know I'm familiar
with from different fandoms, and I'll give you a dialogue between them,
without justifying how the crossover would work, how their worlds
clashed, or how they could even meet each other -- just a silly
crossover conversation for fun with no backstory

Crossover away! And multiple requests are fine.
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Fuck, you have no idea how tired I am. I have been ordered to be, so I will sort of mail it in today and say this:

Ask for a drabble, I'll do it. Eventually. When I'm not dead.

...going to bed now.
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Swiped from [ profile] speaky_bean 

Give me a pairing and I shall tell you the following:

1. What they most commonly do during sex
2. Who has prettier hair
3. What they argue about most often
4. Who'd cope best if the other one died
5. The happiest plausible happily-ever-after I can think of for them.

I think y'all know my fandoms...
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The comment box hates me.

Anyway! Kain fic! For [ profile] edmondia !  I ot3 this shit like woah, if any of you haven't noticed.

Read more... )
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[ profile] diluted_thought requested a drabble! I obviously failed at making it short enough to fit into the comment box! So here it is!

Fandoms: Kuroshitsuji and YGO

Sebastian and Dimitri are working at a food stall at a park. Dimitri is still a flirt and still an OC. Sebastian's still kind of a pedobear. I'm probably going to get eaten by a BEWD, and I cannot be arsed to do a proper introduction at the moment.

Nevertheless, this was fun to write. Onward!

The sun beat down )
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So. Yeah. Finals are over. Room is half exploded with extra stuff. Must make it habitable... tomorrow.

Stealing a book from [ profile] edmondia's library.... DRABBLE REQUEST TIME.

(also clearly capslock time.)  I've been in FF7 lately, but besides that, y'all know my fandoms.

Throw something at me, and hopefully I won't take six months on it this time!


Jan. 28th, 2011 07:02 pm
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♥ Leave a comment, saying you want to be interviewed.
♥ I will respond; I'll ask you five questions.
♥ You'll update your journal with my five questions, and your five answers.
♥ You'll include this explanation.
♥ You'll ask other people five questions when they want to be interviewed.

[ profile] half_drowned gave me these questions! 

memeish )
splinteredstar: (Sparks) about a meme? 

Swiped from [ profile] nenya85 

Give me a character from any fandom I know (helpfully listed below) and I will give you: 

B) The runner up
C) The anti-ship
D) My unpopular fannish opinion on said character
E) One person he/she never fell in love with, and why

y'all know my fandoms, but to recap - FMA, Yuugiou, Watchmen, Kuroshitsuji....those're the main ones right now, I think.

So. Let me inflict my opinions on you.
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Give me a character and I'll give you as many facts as I choose from my personal canon.

Stolen from [ profile] phoenixjustice.

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Cassie babe, this is for you.

For the rest of you, this is her request from quite a while ago. Nominally a Kuroshitsuji fic, but as it stars an OC and takes place in the present time, the only really canonical bit is Sebastian. Since no one besides me and Cassie actually know who the fuck Dimitri is...well, I think it's clear from the prose. He's a demon, and spends a lot of time with Sebastian, and I think that's all.

WARNING: As per the request, this contains RPF (Real Person Fantasy). Specifically, this features Muse band members Matthew Bellamy and Dominic Howard. This is, as stated, purely fantasy and does not presume any behavior or relationships involving said Real People and is not intended to imply anything about said people.

In other words: I'm making this shit up, so please don't sue me.

Behold, music and sluttery  )
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This one's pretty simple : Comment and I'll give you a color, and then you list ten things that you love of that color in yer own journal. Got it? Then we'll begin.

[ profile] half_drowned gave me blue.

  1. Sea Salt Ice Cream (It doesn't exist irl. I don't care. It should.)
  2. The sky, just in general
  3. My laptop background (currently this picture: )
  4. Articuno, the pokemon. (I've been playing Soul Silver lately and thus is in the Pokeverse mentally)
  5. Saix, from KH. (he's mostly blue.) 
  6. Sapphires
  7. My eyes (they're sort of bluish greyish greenish, depending on what I'm wearing, but for simplicity's sake they're normally listed as blue.) 
  8. Blue Orchids
  9. This woodblock print:
  10. My comfy desk chair.


Feb. 18th, 2010 09:16 pm
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Comment and I'll give you a letter, then you have to list ten things (yes, people count as things) you love that begin with that letter, afterward post it on your journal and fill out letters of your own.

Swiped from [ profile] half_drowned, who gave me the letter P.
  1. Pufferfish
  2. Pencils
  3. Penicillin (I once grew some of the mold. It was so cool.) 
  4. Pocky (Yes I am an stupid fangirl shut up) 
  5. Pets
  6. Puppies
  7. Pangolins  (The most fucking adorable things ever)
  8. Psychopathic characters (can't help it, I fear)
  9. Paintings
  10. Pride (as in the FMA character.) 
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Reply to this post, and I'll tell you one reason why I like you. Then put this in your own journal, and spread the love.

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Swiped from [ profile] phoenixjustice

List 10 series
-- Have your friends guess your favorite characters from each one.
-- You can cross out the show/movie/book and put the character when someone guesses.

Okay...ten fandoms. Because I am fond of a lot of characters, some of the fandoms have multiple possibilities. Those are all marked, however. 

1. Yuugiou A. Seto and B. Yami guessed by [ profile] phoenixjustice
2. Kingdom Hearts A. Axel, guessed by [ profile] phoenixjustice B. Saix, guessed by [ profile] diluted_thought 
3. Death Note A. L, guessed by [ profile] phoenixjustice B. Light guessed by [ profile] saint_archie 
4. Kuroshitsuji Joker, guessed by [ profile] diluted_thought 
5. Discworld
6. Fullmetal Alchemist Pride (manga), guessed by [ profile] saint_archie
7. Watchmen Rorschach, guessed by [ profile] phoenixjustice
8. Angel Sanctuary A. Lucifer, guessed by [ profile] phoenixjustice B. Zaphikel guessed by [ profile] saint_archie 
9. Egyptian Mythology (it's a fandom if I say it is.)  Set, guessed by [ profile] phoenixjustice
10.  Harry Potter A. Snape, guessed by both [ profile] phoenixjustice and [ profile] saint_archie B. Luna Lovegood guessed by[ profile] phoenixjustice
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10 15 WORDS OR LESS meme
→You post a pairing.
→Any character(s) you want from Death Note, Yuugiou, Watchmen, Full Metal Alchemist, or...what little any of you know of my original stuff.
→I write 10 different categories.
→Each in 10 words 15 words or less. I want fifteen for absolutely no good reason
→Post as many pairings as you want.

Swiped quite gleefully from [profile] speaky_bean since I threw like three pairings at her. (Though Kit/L is kind of amazing.) 

❶. Angst:
❷. AU:
❸. Crack!fic:
❹. Crossover:
❺. First Time:
❻. Fluff:
❼. Humor:
❽. Hurt/Comfort:
❾. Smut:
❿. UST:

Here's to not doing what I should be doing!

Also, thank you for those who replied to my emofest, either here or elsewhere. Love.  Will reply soon.



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