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ya know, the thing that annoys me the most about fandom pitting Finn and Kylo against each other in the Discourse (either in shipping or identification, you can only have one or the other) isn't just that it makes the fandom a less pleasant place to be, or that I (as someone who relates to and adores both of them) feel uncomfortable and vaguely guilty whenever the discourse crosses my dash.

it's that if I want to see any compare and contrast analysis for them, talking about mental illness or indoctrination or emotional abuse, that /doesn't/ end with one of them being the Correct resposne - if I want to see a fic that sets them against each other and forces them to learn and understand each other, shouting at each other about choice and destiny and freedom -

- I'm gonna have to write it my damn self.

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He is Finn, and now he has to decide what that means.

Finn, adjusting to life at the Resistance and choosing what he wants to do next.

This would not be the fic that it is without the advice, feedback, and insight of [personal profile] nenya85[personal profile] nenya85 

Beta work provided by the indispensable

[personal profile] veleda_k .


(warnings: mild ptsd, the aftermath of abuse, conflicted emotions about abusive situations, people trying to help without quite knowing how. Also, war is complex. There’s no abuse on screen, but the recovery from it is central.)
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Okay, this is gonna be one of those posts where I rant about things on tumblr but don't post about it there because I don't feel like opening up that can of snakes. (For those of you who are on both: as always, if I have the opportunity, this is something I would address personally. I do not vaugeblog. This is about social trends, not individuals.)

This is about a very specific trend in SW: TFA discourse, one that annoys the hell out of me.

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