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Finally, the second piece of this series is done. Took me a while to edit, but I think it works, now. Kairi is difficult and Namine more so. If I messed them up, let me know.

First piece is here: splinteredstar.dreamwidth.org/106264.html

Post KH2
Kairi had always been different, but this was even stranger.


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Originally written on its own, it is now a late and tangentially arranged birthday present for the wonderful [personal profile] edmondia . Heavily inspired by hers and [personal profile] rayemars 's fic series Beyond the Ocean Beach. It is, however, not actually canon with said series. (If you haven't read it, do that first. It's much better.)

This will be a series once I edit the other two parts and figure out a title.

Meeting Roxas
Post KH2
Sora's mother isn't sure that he's her son anymore, except when she is.

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A bit of a shorter section this time. Thor checks up on his brother and isn't very good at it, and the destiny trio are made out of ot3.

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This was drafted... a very long time ago, I don't even remember. I'd occasionally pull it out and stare at it. I just edited it a bit, and I'm declaring it as done as it will be.

Kairi is hard. I've never been okay with writing her. Also includes my fanon as to why Kh!Cid doesn't smoke.

Set during Hollow Bastion in kh1

Stars )

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So this thing still exists, though I haven't typed nor written on it for some time. I should. After finals. *is mostly dead*

This bit is mostly Loki being exhausted and Riku being awkward, and both of them being Suspicious at each other. With a side dish of Thor being a well meaning idiot.

The darkness was thick )
Riku is fairly good at Loki. Erg, the longer I go the less I like this....

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bewildered star is bewildered.

also, braig is mostly out for himself, there are entirely too many people shoved into the same body, and eraqus and xenohart totally dated at one point.

Besides that I'm not sure what happened.

Now, onto 3d!
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Found this on my hard drive from ages ago. Decided it worked, so, here we go. No apologies for egregious dr.who ref in summary. 

fluff and smile
Kingdom Hearts
Time goes fast and time goes slow, around and around and sometimes all wibbly-wobbly. Luxord likes finding the places where it's stranger than usual, and this one has a fascinating little gatekeeper cat too.

ches is hard  )

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So I'm shoving snippets of fic here.

This draft is not actually finished, though it's close - there's a hole in the middle, but that's it. I played the Tron bit of KH, and decided that Tron and Leon needed to hang out. This is what came out of that.

This is a very rough draft  )

Still, they're rather cute aren't they? I like secretlyflailing!Leon

Also, Sora fanboys Leon. This is canon, or should be.


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