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A fic i promised a follower an... appallingly long time ago. ‘sbeen a long year.

Shout outs: @saintarchie for the original idea, the title, on-the-spot Space Facts, endless encouragement and generally being the best Partner in Crime a writer could ask for; @nenya85 for encouragement, assistance and editing; and everyone else who’s listened to me whinge about this for ages. 

Pregame by about 10 years. Technically Platinum, though that’s not relevant for this one. Features extensive headcanon work off screen and characters that look like OCs but aren’t.

Warnings: Alcohol, mentions of parental abuse, oblique references to self harm, terrible relationship dynamics. 

In which there are drunk teenagers and life lessons are learned. (Unfortunately, they are the wrong lessons.)

Precipice )
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but stupid pairing may own my soul

so as some of you know, I played Pokemon X recently. And Lysandre/Sycamore caught me in the knees and I fell over into a puddle of feels. Because Guh.

So. Fic exists. Unedited but you know.

Was going to be silly and fluffy and then feels happened.

Lumiose City is hot in the summer. Professor Sycamore has his ways of dealing with it. Lysandre is not amused.

Heat )

edit: this now has a proper edit at archiveofourown.org/works/1039858

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my dreams were full of dystopias and a broken down city, and fighting back against their rule by raising crops and animals in secret. There was also a point where old people were paid to act as railroad barriers, because the actual machinery for the barriers had broken down. I'm pretty sure that was a metaphor, but for what who knows.

I got all of my tests back. Two D's an a F. With the quizes, I'm still passing dynamics and strengths. Math, not so much. But I'll have to ask him how he factors in homework, because if he does, I'll be fine.

I started playing Pokemon Platinum this week, because I love the game mostly. It's my favorite (though bw/bw2 are close). I love all of the characters and Team Galactic and Cyrus and Girantina. (It's the pokegod of antimatter, for fuck's sake.) 

I'm going with an evil/mischief based team. My character is named Loki, and is female. I briefly tried to look up a female equivalent to him and then thought "FUCK IT I'M LADY LOKI." Team is currently Cthulhu (Tentacool),  Samara, (Rotom), Erik (Cubone), Sun Wukong (Chimchar), Wrexsoul (Spiritomb), and Sven (Sneasel). Links go to their namesakes. Sven doesn't get one because he's named after a character I had when I was like 15.

As you may have noticed, pokemon naming is serious business. It's fun.

Also, Looker. I'd forgotten how amazing he is.

I still haven't edited any of the things I need to. I have a break coming up, but the new pokemon game comes out just before it....so, yeah. kiiinda claimed.

Oh yeah, forgot. I went to goodwill yesterday, and found like, three different Shakespeare plays! So King Lear, Macbeth, and Hamlet all came home with me.
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New pokemon info is out! You can play as a black person if you want!

Well, light black. Possibly latino/latina.

But still! That's way better than the pasty pale history of the game! And being able to chose the character that looks most like you is awesome!

It's a bit overdue. Having the non-white gym leader helped. But being able to *play* as one? That's an entirely different level of multiculturalism, and acknowledging the way both Japan and the world today works. 

Better late than never. *squee*
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and also like half of a fic.

and I suspect that my N might secretly be Ryou Bakura. Not sure how I feel about that.

And I really need to train before fighting the elite four, 'cause I died pretty hard.
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Okay. I am on the honors floor of my dorm. The RA is kind of awesome. For example?

Everyone has name tags on their front doors, as a way of getting to know each other and so the RA could keep us straight. Originally these were race cars. However, today the RA changed this.

She printed out pictures of various Pokemon and everyone's name in the classic Poke-font. And they are now stuck on everyone's door, and everyone has their own Pokemon.

I'm a Lapras, apparently.



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