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I've been thinking about moral policing lately.

Well, okay. I was triggered because someone didn't fucking tag their ao3 discourse and now I kind of want to die. But I'm writing instead. or trying to.

the first argument: writing about things is as bad as doing them. writing abuse means you're an abuser. writing about things means you support them.

rebuttal: fascination is not support. fiction is not reality. while fiction does influence reality, it is difficult to measure the cause and effect. studies have gone both ways. also: fandom is not the social force that larger media is. my fic is not a blockbuster movie or a bestselling novel. measurable harm vs measurable good

second argument: children can be harmed by finding this

rebuttal:  children understand warning signs. as a child i was not harmed by finding darkfic. it was a minor part of my media consumption, and one that ultimately helped me

third argument: removing these works and preventing them from being released is the best way to improve society and protect people

rebuttal, part a: things done to protect people should be treated with suspicion. i lived through the bush era. freedom and protection are always inverses of each other

rebuttal part b: it is ultimately ineffective. these things are symptoms. repression is less effective than exploration. writing is a means of exploring the self, and that should always be allowed

....i think this actually helped. huh.

Date: 2016-10-16 07:54 pm (UTC)
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And fan fiction is pretty niche in the grand scheme of media consumption to be honest.


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