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I broke my toe, and then walked on it for three days.

I failed two tests in the same classes as the last two failed tests.

Best friend irl had a family friend die.

Attempts to study over spring break have resulted in boredom, despair, and the slow eroding of any belief in myself I had.

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Every have one of those days where everything ends up tits up?

This is one of those months.

NaNo is not happening. I'm at 31k, clearly marvelously behind, and the thought of forcing myself to write is frustrating. I know the next scene but not how to start it, and past that fuck knows.

I just, after two weeks of calling disconnected or nonresponsive numbers, decided to say "fuck it" to a survey assignment that I'm supposed to be doing and have decided to take the fucking zero. I have been frustrated to the point of tears every goddamned day over this assignment, and it's not worth it. It'll bump my grade to a c, but I honestly cannot give a fuck. It's not a class for my major, so it's not worth it.

And I have a paper to write.

And I'm PMSing.

But first, I'm going to watch Fry and Laurie and pretend that my life doesn't suck.
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I think I have written myself into a corner. And my plot just rearranged itself retroactively in my head - and what I actually wrote down is not what I would need to have.

And to top things off, I'm a day behind because I've not only written myself into a corner, I've written (and generally worked) myself into exhaustion.

And I have an exam Monday. And a paper, two debates that I'm freaking out over just thinking about, a bibliography all on either Monday or Tuesday.

And I'm pmsing.

...*curls up in corner* *snuggles plush*


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