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Look at me, finishing this before the next episode comes out and smashes my headcanon again. Also, it turns out that Mood Ring Eyes are handy plot devices.

Title: Private Revolution
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Spoilers: Episode 46
Warnings: Implied Character Death, Strexcorp.
Summary:  Set directly after Parade Day. Alone in his Strexcorp cell, Cecil finds an unexpected compatriot. Not every rebellion is doomed.


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This is no longer remotely canon. But that's kind of a complicated question, considering.

Title: As Yggdrasil Burns
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Spoilers: Episode 44.
Warnings: Off Screen Character Death, Strexcorp.
Summary:  Triggering the failsafe always cost too much to bear, but Cecil no longer has any reason to hesitate.


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[personal profile] veleda_k recently made a major cross-country move, so I have written him a tiny tiny housewarming fic.

Enjoy the fluff, Vel.

Welcome to Night Vale
No specific spoilers, though a reaction to Condos
Seriously, like, all of the fluff.

Cecil and Carlos finally move in together.

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Due to listening to Welcome to Night Vale...almost constantly... at work, plus having a Lot of Feelings about the current arc, what writing I have gotten done has been about those things.

Plus, Tamika Flynn is amazing.

Into the Chihuahuan
Tamika Flynn speaks with her God.
Features: Mix-and-match mythology, one incredibly badass teenaged girl.

Because Set )
 The Chihuahuan Desert is close to one of the places I grew up.


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