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A bit of a shorter section this time. Thor checks up on his brother and isn't very good at it, and the destiny trio are made out of ot3.

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So this thing still exists, though I haven't typed nor written on it for some time. I should. After finals. *is mostly dead*

This bit is mostly Loki being exhausted and Riku being awkward, and both of them being Suspicious at each other. With a side dish of Thor being a well meaning idiot.

The darkness was thick )
Riku is fairly good at Loki. Erg, the longer I go the less I like this....

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So I survived this week. It wasn't fun, but it happened. (Awful project, homework, lab, physics test, my bank card being lost and then used by some douchebag. And my period started and was more awful than usual.) But the awful is over, at least until I get my test back, so here's more self-indulgent crossover fic.

Loki has a Very Awful Day )

Incidentally, that last bit is (while only sort of canon with 3D) is one of my favorites. And it's spun it's on side fic off that is... in progress.

And yes, that is apparenly how I cause major psychological upheavals in my characters. Slapstick.
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This is entirely [livejournal.com profile] edmondia's fault. She knows what she did.

This also needs editing, but I'll do that at some unspecified point in the future.

This is a Thor/Kingdom Hearts crossover. It is set premovie for Thor, and at some general point in the future for KH where the Destiny Trio are traveling around saving worlds. Not too far in the future, though.

Vaguely Sora/Kairi/Riku, and potentially kind of Thor/Loki though that might just stay subtexty. Am not confident in my characterization of most of them (oddly, Riku's the one that about works.)

ANYWAY. I don't have nearly all of it typed (I have about 80 handwritten pages which I have barely made a dent into) but I do have some, and this is about the first... 1k words? or so? It seemed like a solid stopping point.

they shouldn't let Riku talk  )
So yeah, this fic has a lot of angst via slapstick. not sure how I feel about that


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