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Last piece. Didn't feel right without having Riku.

Yay, familial awkwardness.

previous chapter at  http://splinteredstar.dreamwidth.org/109986.html

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Finally, the second piece of this series is done. Took me a while to edit, but I think it works, now. Kairi is difficult and Namine more so. If I messed them up, let me know.

First piece is here: splinteredstar.dreamwidth.org/106264.html

Post KH2
Kairi had always been different, but this was even stranger.


Fic: Haze

Jul. 13th, 2013 10:15 pm
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This is not the fic I planned to post, but I reread this one from ages ago and decided it was done. I had tried to make it longer, but, it just...didn't work.

Kingdom Hearts

Roxas, during those last seven days.

His memories are hazy sometimes )

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A bit of a shorter section this time. Thor checks up on his brother and isn't very good at it, and the destiny trio are made out of ot3.

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So I survived this week. It wasn't fun, but it happened. (Awful project, homework, lab, physics test, my bank card being lost and then used by some douchebag. And my period started and was more awful than usual.) But the awful is over, at least until I get my test back, so here's more self-indulgent crossover fic.

Loki has a Very Awful Day )

Incidentally, that last bit is (while only sort of canon with 3D) is one of my favorites. And it's spun it's on side fic off that is... in progress.

And yes, that is apparenly how I cause major psychological upheavals in my characters. Slapstick.
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This is entirely [livejournal.com profile] edmondia's fault. She knows what she did.

This also needs editing, but I'll do that at some unspecified point in the future.

This is a Thor/Kingdom Hearts crossover. It is set premovie for Thor, and at some general point in the future for KH where the Destiny Trio are traveling around saving worlds. Not too far in the future, though.

Vaguely Sora/Kairi/Riku, and potentially kind of Thor/Loki though that might just stay subtexty. Am not confident in my characterization of most of them (oddly, Riku's the one that about works.)

ANYWAY. I don't have nearly all of it typed (I have about 80 handwritten pages which I have barely made a dent into) but I do have some, and this is about the first... 1k words? or so? It seemed like a solid stopping point.

they shouldn't let Riku talk  )
So yeah, this fic has a lot of angst via slapstick. not sure how I feel about that
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bewildered star is bewildered.

also, braig is mostly out for himself, there are entirely too many people shoved into the same body, and eraqus and xenohart totally dated at one point.

Besides that I'm not sure what happened.

Now, onto 3d!
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Found this on my hard drive from ages ago. Decided it worked, so, here we go. No apologies for egregious dr.who ref in summary. 

fluff and smile
Kingdom Hearts
Time goes fast and time goes slow, around and around and sometimes all wibbly-wobbly. Luxord likes finding the places where it's stranger than usual, and this one has a fascinating little gatekeeper cat too.

ches is hard  )

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... over three days I have written 8k words.

....it's not even NaNo. Fuck, that's *faster* than NaNo.

....and I want to keep writing. Damn.

*keeps scribbling* 
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I beat KH2 last night!

I am not entirely certain why Xemnas had a flying space dragon around anyway! (Though I'm fond of the idea that it's the nobody of one of the WEAPONs from ff7)

Saix was one of the more difficult boss fights, not because of skill level but because I paused the game when he had only a bit of health left and stared at the tv for about five minutes because I really didn't want to land those last few blows. But at least I didn't turn the game off crying like I did in the boss fight of Days.

And today I wrote.... 18 handwritten pages of a "they're not really dead damn it" fic. I think it's the most I've ever written in one day in a nonNano context. And god but my hand was starting to cramp up. It is of varying quality and probably inappropriate tone in the start, but I'm not certain that I give a damn.

And tomorrow, I shall find BBS and start watching it. So that [livejournal.com profile] edmondia will stop poking me.

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Kairi does not show up in my head often, but here it is. Inspired by the series by [livejournal.com profile] volta_arovet where Reeve Tuesti (of Final Fantasy 7) is the mayor of Destiny Islands, an idea which was promptly filed under "Well that needs to be canon now."

Title: Plush

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts with references to Final Fantasy 7. Sort of a cross, as much as KH can be with anything.

Rating: G

Summary: Kairi's first toy on the island is a floppy black cat-like thing, with a crown stitched on its head, and her new daddy says it's named Cait.

Plush )
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Playing past a certain part in KH2 becomes Really Hard.

....I donwanna kill Demyx.....
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So. Life. I am currently off for the summer. I tried to get a job, but the one I was really going for – got a second interview and everything! – hasn’t called me back which is kind of disheartening, you know? So for now I’m mucking about, reading, and fighting utter boredom.

Currently reading The Wind Up Bird Chronicle. It is a strange book, with many headtilting “huh” moments. Also incesty bits possibly but that depends on whether or not I’m right about the Brother In Law. (Who is kind of fascinating but also a little bit terrifying.)

Beat Kingdom Hearts 1 last night, after many hours of item finding for the Ultimate Weapon. (Why are so many items found in motherfucking Atlantica?) I also got all 99 puppies for the first time ever, which was fucking adorable.

In possession of Re:COM, but Sora’s voice actor is different and that threw me something  awful.

Parents are on a trip for mother’s birthday. Thus I am home alone dogsitting. This isn’t really helping the boredom.

And now, a random drabblet that I threw out at 1 am last night after beating KH1. It’s sparse but kind of cute and I’m refusing to care, so here it is. Set after the end of the game.


Home  )

Not gonna lie, Cid's line makes that for me. 


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Playing KH:COM. It's one of the few games in the series I haven't played through completely.

Riku's currently kicking my ass. Thus, level grinding times.

...why are there barrel spiders on Destiny Islands.

...also, where does a Disney game get off on being so damn sad.
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This is apparently "spam people's flists with things that have been half finished on my hard drive for months" time. Oh well.  I've never actually written much for this fandom, or at least never finished anything for it, so not sure how my characterization works.

Title: Sliver
Fandom: Kingdom Hearts
Rating: G
Summary: Namine watches through Kairi’s eyes, sometimes, looking for her, that other one that everyone else forgot. She has to, because she's the only one that remembers now. Post KH2, spoilers for Days, femslash if you squint.
Sliver  )


Jan. 14th, 2011 05:28 pm
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Dear KH Re:Coded

I was not expecting side scroller bits.

This is nicely retro. But there are also aspects of "FUCKING HELL I thought I'd never have to see one of those again..."


Nevertheless, cheers.



Jan. 20th, 2010 03:26 pm
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Just beat Story Mode of Days.

..excuse me, I am going to go sniffle in the corner now and desperately try to jerry-rig a happy ending.

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I say we take Xemnas's thesaurus, and burn it.

Seriously. There is sounding badass, and there is being silly. There is no reason for the man to talk like that All of The Goddamned Time.

This is brought to you by Star watching KH2 on youtube and wanting to punch Xemnas in the face.

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So. I'm watching walkthroughs of KH2 on youtube, because I really wanted to replay it but the game and the system are in another state and spoken for. Still playing Days, but more slowly now. Partially because the bosses are kicking my ass and partially because the ending is going to be ow and I don't quite want to watch that yet.

Anyway. I've realized that I can identify the hooded Organization members by their catchphrases, and this amuses me more than it probably should.

I've also realized that I like Roxas a bit more than Sora. I adore them both, of course, but Sora's fluffier where Roxas has a bit more bite to him. It's purely a matter of taste, but I like characters that are a bit...pointier.

...and Days has done what KH2 didn't, and convinced me that Axel is totally in love with Roxas. I also want to hug Axel so much it has actually interrupted with my playing. I need a plushie, I think.

And thus concludes my KH rambling. For now.
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Happy New Year, y'all. Don't get sloshed and don't make resolutions you'll regret.

Also, in KH related matters: Axel is so fucking huggable it is almost causing me physical pain. I strongly suspect that there may be ficcage coming out of this game, because god if it hasn't taken over my mind. Also: I need to replay these games like woah.


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