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Sometimes, when everything in your life goes wrong and you're tired and grumpy and you stare at the universe and the universe stares back....

eventually you look up at it and say, "FUCK YOU, I'M WRITING ABOUT BUNNIES."

It was finals week, and I wrote this thing. It is fluffy and adorable and ridiculous. I'm not sure I respect myself as an author any more. Also, the characterization is questionable at times. (Sephi is hard.)

I haven't edited it, but I did cut out the most painfully saccharine lines. Untitled.

Final fantasy 7, pregame. possibly pre-CC. Featuring shameless use of adorable small child, and bunnies.


fluff )

And now I'm going to go write something with Drama and Intrigue and Nothing adorable what so ever.

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OH SHIT I FORGOT. This is what happens when I read fanfiction for four hours.

So. Right. I've gotten into FF7 fanfiction. Unlike usually, I actually like the main slash pairing - Cloud/Sephiroth is at this point almost canon. They're stalking each other. And it's hot and all sorts of bondagey and angry and full of angst and tension even if they're both sane and not trying to kill each other.


I do not like how it's normally written. Cloud will not just forget all the stuff Sephiroth did. And. I have to capslock this but CLOUD IS BADASS. LET HIM BE. STOP MAKING HIM A WUSS. Seriously, he's a bundle of twitchiness and anger and  fighting instincts that probably makes the Turks go, "...dude." 

Also, I like bondage and bdsm more than most souls, but Cloud is not going to sub for Sephiroth easily. He spent most of the game trying to stop that you know? Even if  Sephiroth isn't trying to control him, he's still going to lash out from sheer instincts.

...it doesn't help that I'm one of like six people who likes sub!Seph, but that's another rant.
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Kairi does not show up in my head often, but here it is. Inspired by the series by [livejournal.com profile] volta_arovet where Reeve Tuesti (of Final Fantasy 7) is the mayor of Destiny Islands, an idea which was promptly filed under "Well that needs to be canon now."

Title: Plush

Fandom: Kingdom Hearts with references to Final Fantasy 7. Sort of a cross, as much as KH can be with anything.

Rating: G

Summary: Kairi's first toy on the island is a floppy black cat-like thing, with a crown stitched on its head, and her new daddy says it's named Cait.

Plush )
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Spent the afternoon playing FF7 for the first time in nearly eight years.

I think I about died from the sheer nostalgia, but it was TOTALLY WORTH IT.



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