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rough draft of a fic for a prompt on tumblr

Nothing grows on Jakku. Nothing is produced here, there’s no industry, hardly any native species. Everything here is something that was thrown away.


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sometimes, I'll get a line of prose in my head and absolutely nothing else - no context, no reasoning. It's like I'm handed the summary of a story that I'm gonna have to write myself.

"Every revolutionary is secretly a blasphemer."

...I'm not sure where it'll go - I can think of about seven characters that could suit (I think I was thinking of Cyrus at the time? or working on his playlist) - but i'm intrigued.  Might be a new oc, tbh.

(to overthrow the authority that fate or divine right has place above you, to demand more than you have been given - to look at the world you have been placed in and say "i can do /better/" - what gall! what glorious arrogance, to object to what fate has decreed for you!)
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He is Finn, and now he has to decide what that means.

Finn, adjusting to life at the Resistance and choosing what he wants to do next.

This would not be the fic that it is without the advice, feedback, and insight of [personal profile] nenya85[personal profile] nenya85 

Beta work provided by the indispensable

[personal profile] veleda_k .


(warnings: mild ptsd, the aftermath of abuse, conflicted emotions about abusive situations, people trying to help without quite knowing how. Also, war is complex. There’s no abuse on screen, but the recovery from it is central.)
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Fic: Aftermath

Fandom: Once Upon A Time (In Space), a concept album/audio book which can be bought Here

For the incomparable [personal profile] veleda_k , who threw this album at me a few times until it stuck. Sorry it's not about Sleeping Beauty.

Cinders and Snow, and the grief they share between them. It doesn't get any easier to deal with, but at least it doesn't get any worse. (Except when it does.) 

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for the lovely @evocating and her wonderful fic All Sinners Crawl

“It’s – an impulse. A sudden idea, the sight of the thing triggering a rush of memory: Javert’s whine, breathless with desire, “I would – I /want/ to-”

So, Valjean buys it. “

Takes place in between Epilogue 1 and Epilogue 2, because the bit with the collar wouldn’t leave my head.

features established javert/valjean, sex, collar kink, praise kink, bondage, and conflicted dom feels



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A fic i promised a follower an... appallingly long time ago. ‘sbeen a long year.

Shout outs: @saintarchie for the original idea, the title, on-the-spot Space Facts, endless encouragement and generally being the best Partner in Crime a writer could ask for; @nenya85 for encouragement, assistance and editing; and everyone else who’s listened to me whinge about this for ages. 

Pregame by about 10 years. Technically Platinum, though that’s not relevant for this one. Features extensive headcanon work off screen and characters that look like OCs but aren’t.

Warnings: Alcohol, mentions of parental abuse, oblique references to self harm, terrible relationship dynamics. 

In which there are drunk teenagers and life lessons are learned. (Unfortunately, they are the wrong lessons.)

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This is not any of the things I /should/ be writing right now, but I haven’t been having any luck on any of those, so, here you go.

Because I finished Raising Steam today and thought, “…did Vimes know? He /had/ to have known.”

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Fandom: MCU

Title: Filling the Cracks

Post-TWS. Natasha goes by the grave, sometimes. Maybe she's looking for reasons. (Maybe not, but she gets them anyway.) 

For [personal profile] veleda_k. Vel, you've helped me get through a lot of horrible stuff over the last six months. I can't really say thank you, enough. Instead, have a fic.

Filling the Cracks )
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so I was rambling on tumblr about how no one other than me ships Izumi Curtis and Olivia Armstrong from FMA, and managing to convince a few other people to my cause. I then got this message in my askbox: 

asked: izumi and olivia getting close after the armstrong-curtis-take-down-sloth-alliance. sig dying of something, izumi lays on olivia for support in these times because izumi loved him and misses him dearly, and olivia's been in love with izumi for a long time so yeah, but then a few years later izumi just flat out asks olivia out and ye"

And then fic happened. I do not have a title for it, but i like it anyway.

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Takes place shortly after this story.

Yeah, it’s a series now apparently. This is, again, more or less unedited. 


Final Fantasy 7/Bravely Default fusion

Last week, the Chief disappeared into a Turk van, and Jackal knew what that meant.

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I had a snow day today. And the thought "Wow, Khint would make an awesome Turk" has been in my head lately, so I sort of splorted something out. It is more or less unedited.

Final Fantasy 7/Bravely Default fusion

Set in Midgar

Tseng has captured one of the most skilled private body guards in MIdgar - now, to convince him to stay. (Turk!Khint AU)


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Last week on my tumblr, I asked for femslash drabble prompts.

Edmondia responded with “I want to say cute bitties Agnes/Olivia but I also don’t want spoilers and haven’t started chapter five yet.”

It is not quite a drabble, but nevertheless. Agnès/Olivia, pregame, a total lack of spoilers. Just adorable teen girls with crushes and a slice of time to themselves.

Crystal-Bright )
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Trigger warnings: Suicide ideation, suicide attempt, self-harm, blood, morbid imagery, forced hospitalization. (If I missed any, let me know please! Take care of yourselves, darlings!)

Bravely Default
Pallor Mortis

Victor S. Court

Summary behind cut for Chapter 4 Spoilers

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Bravely Default, DeRosso/Yulyana

Doctor/Companion AU

AKA dr who fic written by someone who has never watched Dr Who AKA that thing that spun way out of control AKA "i researched 12 century cathedrals for one detail in one scene"

Spoilers for Vampire Subquest in Bravely Default

The Doctor always works to protect humanity - but every now and then, he finds a fascinating, distracting person. DeRosso/Yulyana subtext



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It is apparently the night for finishing things, as long as those things are not homework.

Fic: Honest Men
Fandom: Bravely Default
Summary: Partners in Crime AU. Agnes only wanted to do what she had to survive, but there was no other way...was there? 


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So on tumblr I reached 50 followers, and offered a fic to #50. This is what happened.

Fic: Sandstone Tower

Fandom: Bravely Default

Rating: G

Summary: The Crown Prince of Ancheim hated being dragged out to Royal Events, but there might be someone worthwhile at this party… Pregame, preslash.


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Look at me, finishing this before the next episode comes out and smashes my headcanon again. Also, it turns out that Mood Ring Eyes are handy plot devices.

Title: Private Revolution
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Spoilers: Episode 46
Warnings: Implied Character Death, Strexcorp.
Summary:  Set directly after Parade Day. Alone in his Strexcorp cell, Cecil finds an unexpected compatriot. Not every rebellion is doomed.


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This is no longer remotely canon. But that's kind of a complicated question, considering.

Title: As Yggdrasil Burns
Fandom: Welcome to Night Vale
Spoilers: Episode 44.
Warnings: Off Screen Character Death, Strexcorp.
Summary:  Triggering the failsafe always cost too much to bear, but Cecil no longer has any reason to hesitate.


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[personal profile] veleda_k recently made a major cross-country move, so I have written him a tiny tiny housewarming fic.

Enjoy the fluff, Vel.

Welcome to Night Vale
No specific spoilers, though a reaction to Condos
Seriously, like, all of the fluff.

Cecil and Carlos finally move in together.


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