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rough draft of a fic for a prompt on tumblr

Nothing grows on Jakku. Nothing is produced here, there’s no industry, hardly any native species. Everything here is something that was thrown away.


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companion draft to the Sephiroth Is a Robot: Genesis and Angeal's activation
Still a very rough draft


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robot au

Oct. 1st, 2015 05:26 pm
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I have recently scribbled some bits of a ff7 robot au, because when you're talking sephiroth, that's only barely a  metaphor

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Right. Feeling less emo now. Thank you to everyone who commented. Hugs, love, and sugary treats to you al.

This is more of that HP/YGO thing I had a while back, where I shove Seto and Snape into each other. Takes up where the last one left off.

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*yawns, wanders towards bed* 

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I live, and I am not - despite the season - a zombie. Surprise!

I have been busy, dealing with being overwhelmed, dealing with panic attacks, and working on a million different things. None of which are actually ready to post, though several are close. *is editing that Anderson analysis thing, and the Pride/Wrath thing* And I'm feeling much better than I have been lately.

I do, however, have fic.

Sort of.

You see - and I'm sure this happens to all writers - I get random bits of fic and can never do anything with them. Ideas for a beginning or  an end, bits of prose that don't match up into anything that makes sense; things like that. They get shoved into a folder on the loyal flash drive for me to look at and occasionally poke at. Since I don't have anything finished and I want to post something other than a meme, y'all get to see two of them.

And in honor of [livejournal.com profile] nenya85 posting the final chapter of her awesome AU fic, The Newly Revised Book of the Dead, these are both about Yuugiou's Seto Kaiba. (As always, comments and crit are welcomed.)

First of all, the very start of a crossover fic that has been rolling around in my head for...oh, probably years now. I've never been able to do anything definate with it except for this beginning. However, the beginning amuses me, so here it is.

This never-written fic has a very simple premise. It is called, "Let's shove Seto Kaiba and Professor Severus Snape into each other as much as concievably possible and watch the explosions."

I do that to these two a lot.

But right. Fic.

Seto Kaiba did not believe in magic )

Now, another fic that I have drafted out completely (huzzah for one-shots, I suppose) but I cannot fix to the point of being satisfied with it. One of my favorite scenes in the manga is when Seto awakens from his coma, and I've always wanted to write a story based around that scene. This is my attempt. I think it fails, but I don't know how to fix it, so here it is.


Seto Kaiba was sitting inside of his own mind... )

All righty. Now, back to editing essay and fic...

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