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My dog is improving. Not up to full strength yet, but he's doing better. Isn't hiding under my bed or in the closet any more, and is ears and tail are up. Still not too keen on eating, but he's drinking and relaxing.

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My dog, my little furry monster who I love to pieces, has managed to injure himself.

We're not sure how. We're thinking he's pulled a muscle, or possibly injured his hips. He's having trouble walking, sometimes. He'll be fine and then he'll freeze up in pain. The vets were all closed for the holidays but we'll probably take him in tomorrow.

One of the pain instincts of dogs, apparently, is to hide. Find a nice safe cave and hide out. Well, there are not any caves in the house, so Kit has been improvising. So far we've found him underneath the end table, inside of a closet, behind the tv stand, behind the toilet, and just now, in the back of the pantry behind several heavy containers. I'm not sure how he managed that one without phasing through objects.

I hate that he's in pain. I just want to fix it, and take it away. I hate him suffering. But I am a little impressed.

Will update later with news.

edit: aaaand i dropped my laptop on its side. the side with my flash drive in it. my flash drive exploded.
I got everything off it and will replace it tomorrow.

Today, why.


Jul. 6th, 2013 11:23 pm
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So I realized that I never threw pictures of my dogs at you all. And with me being away for summer school, it's the perfect time to break out my folder of dog pictures!

I have two dogs.



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