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Takes place shortly after this story.

Yeah, it’s a series now apparently. This is, again, more or less unedited. 


Final Fantasy 7/Bravely Default fusion

Last week, the Chief disappeared into a Turk van, and Jackal knew what that meant.

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I had a snow day today. And the thought "Wow, Khint would make an awesome Turk" has been in my head lately, so I sort of splorted something out. It is more or less unedited.

Final Fantasy 7/Bravely Default fusion

Set in Midgar

Tseng has captured one of the most skilled private body guards in MIdgar - now, to convince him to stay. (Turk!Khint AU)


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Last week on my tumblr, I asked for femslash drabble prompts.

Edmondia responded with “I want to say cute bitties Agnes/Olivia but I also don’t want spoilers and haven’t started chapter five yet.”

It is not quite a drabble, but nevertheless. Agnès/Olivia, pregame, a total lack of spoilers. Just adorable teen girls with crushes and a slice of time to themselves.

Crystal-Bright )
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Trigger warnings: Suicide ideation, suicide attempt, self-harm, blood, morbid imagery, forced hospitalization. (If I missed any, let me know please! Take care of yourselves, darlings!)

Bravely Default
Pallor Mortis

Victor S. Court

Summary behind cut for Chapter 4 Spoilers

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Bravely Default, DeRosso/Yulyana

Doctor/Companion AU

AKA dr who fic written by someone who has never watched Dr Who AKA that thing that spun way out of control AKA "i researched 12 century cathedrals for one detail in one scene"

Spoilers for Vampire Subquest in Bravely Default

The Doctor always works to protect humanity - but every now and then, he finds a fascinating, distracting person. DeRosso/Yulyana subtext



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One of the really fascinating things Bravely Default does is take rules that in most fantasy stories would be perfectly safe - anything the other side tells you is a lie (because they're bad guys, come on), battles are philosophical conflicts and no one needs to talk to each other to discover the truth, you will have a mystical guide that will lead you to your destiny. Fairly standard Rules of Sword and Sorcery fantasy. We know how these stories go.

But in this case those rules backfire - the characters know how those stories go too, and that's what get used against them. Because human beings /believe/ in stories, more than we believe in facts. Human beings need narrative, and we tend to place ourselves in the slot of Chosen One at the beginning of our Hero's Joureny. At worst, we'll be a contributor the Great Cause. Everyone wants to be important, and any politician or propagandist knows it and knows how to manipulate it.

Frame the facts in the right narrative, and you can get people to believe whatever you want. They'll maintain it themselves, even, once they're invested in it, and ignore any possible flaws in the story. Wonder how politicians can take the exact same facts and get completely different responses out of them? It's because they're fitting the information into different narrative contexts. They may even believe it whole heartedly, because they have their own stories too, but not always.  Sometimes it's just manipulation, knowing the narratives that get the right response out of people.

Bravely Default takes the fantasy narrative and turns it against itself, takes the human need for the Hero's Quest and shows how easily it can be manipulated. Human beings need stories, but it's very important to know who's telling the tale.
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It is apparently the night for finishing things, as long as those things are not homework.

Fic: Honest Men
Fandom: Bravely Default
Summary: Partners in Crime AU. Agnes only wanted to do what she had to survive, but there was no other way...was there? 


Cheating honest men )
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So on tumblr I reached 50 followers, and offered a fic to #50. This is what happened.

Fic: Sandstone Tower

Fandom: Bravely Default

Rating: G

Summary: The Crown Prince of Ancheim hated being dragged out to Royal Events, but there might be someone worthwhile at this party… Pregame, preslash.


fic )




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