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This is that picture I was working on.

Scans never work out as well as the original, but oh well.

She didn't have any eyes in the line art, so I obviously decided that she was a hell beast wearing human form. The red eyes were inevitable.

Line art is from some generic princess coloring book, color and background are mine.

Her poor boy was never seen again )

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It was an interesting experience. First, though, photos.

cut for PHOTOS~! )

My piece was the second to be talked about. I put my title next to it and shut up while people talked about my work. Which was one of the weirder experiences I've had lately.

People seemed to understand it, which was awesome. They also thought it was kind of creepy, which, well, happens. They read it as creepier than I had, but their understanding made sense. They read in things like torture, leeching the life out of something, beauty torn and caged.

All of which were things that I had meant, but building it.... I had seen the implications distantly, sterile and tame in my hands. Which is part of why I write and part of why I build such creepy fucking thing sometimes - to take control of the things in my head, to make them into something safe. (The rest of the time it's because I think whatever it is looks cool.) But at the same time....

It was kind of a...magical thing, really. People looking at this thing I had made and making their own meaning - not finding it, not reading it like it was a message in code. They constructed it themselves, using the pieces of plaster and wire that I had made and using them as a jumping off point for something fascinating, in directions I had never imagined.

Apparently from the right angle, the top piece looks like the torso of a woman. Which changes the piece into a much more interesting one than I had aimed for. It's like fanfiction - honoring the original, and doing so by using it to make something new.

I think I might have stumbled onto a part of what makes art beautiful, what makes it important - the idea that it's not something you view, it's something that is made every time it's viewed. The viewer and the artist working in sequence to make something the world has never seen before, meaning created anew in every reaction of person to person.

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It is abstract. Abstract is hard, but it's working out.

It is inspired by the Greatest Song, Rhythm Thief by Sparks.


The video is also awesome.

I was distracted these weeks, so I didn't take a lot of early shots. Don't worry, they were mostly boring.
photoooos )

so. will post finished shots when I have them.

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art project due on monday. reliquary box to hold something precious.

I decided to let the creepy out this time. Bones and eyeballs and stuff.
booooox )

So. Behold the box. ...it needs a name. hm
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It was still standing and apparently stable!

It just about works, I think.
slightly more flying fish than angel, but oh well )
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I forgot to take a full shot today. Will get one tomorrow. But these are the in progress shots.
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So, I made a wire sculpture. It is like, three inches tall. Made out of a tiny vase I got for 75 cents, and wire harvested from old notebooks.

It is kind of pretty. I was done with it (fun bit was over), so I left it in a trafficked area for someone else to find.  Hopefully someone took it home and will enjoy it - even if not, I put a little wonder into other people's lives.

Anyway. Photos.
cut for photos )

Might make another one, some time.

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Line art belongs to Hirano, coloring is mine.

I was struck with the urge to color Alucard's hat and do it all in noir lighting and shit. So I printed off a bit of a page and colored it fairly quickly, in the span of about four hours (rather than my normal time of a couple of days to a week). Though it is a fairly simple construction. Turned out fairly well, though I swore at the skin tone for about an hour and eventually just smeared black all over it.

The glasses turned out the best, I think.

Cut for pic )
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Sculpture bug has bitten me this summer, apparently. I made recently a dragon. There are pictures. Behold them.
Pics )

Also...heeey, anybody want it? It's sort of laying in my room now and I have no idea what to do with it. That's the annoying bit of sculpture - can't just shove it in a closet once the fun bit is over.

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Irl friend [livejournal.com profile] raikou_ookami has sometimes cosplayed Ciel on gaia.com, and is rather a fan.  She requested I color a Sebastian+Ciel picture for her, which I have done. Eventually. I used the line art from the title page from chapter 8, when Ciel has been shoved into a dress.

The skin tones are atrocious (I'm discovering that skin tones are the bane of my art) but Ciel's dress turned out much better than I expected. A blue color scheme, because putting Ciel in warm tones is a sin. Line art is Yana's, because I am not that awesome.

Pic! )
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So. I made my brother a robot sculpture for his birthday. The head is a cable splitter, and the body and base are either bits of hardware I found or things I shaped out of sheet metal. It is kept together by entirely too much superglue and spray paint.

There are pictures! They are crap pictures! But they exist!

Behold my crap photography! )

So yeah! Need to mail that now. Hopefully it doesn't fall to pieces in the mail...
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This is the title page for Kuroshitsuji chapter 13. I thought it had lovely line art, so I printed it off and have been coloring it for a while.

I still hate his skin tone (fucking yellow smudges) and scans always suck,  but I think it's done.
....stupid smudges  )


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