Dec. 27th, 2016

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I love everyone in this bar.

Woo, moral ambiguity of war! I like this tone. Absolutely not a kids movie, but I think it fits within Star Wars. This is the kind of story I love, honestly - behind the scenes, in between the scenes in the larger narrative. This feels like the kind of Star Wars I would write, tbh.

Bohdi is a goddamn delight and probaby my favorite. That or Chirrut. Hard to pick.

Chirrut and Baze are totally married.

I've been on the "the death star is an analogy for nuclear weapons" train since TFA, but it was nice to see the explicit imagey used.

Note on Bohdi - his value is not in his violence. His value is not in his bloodline. His value is in knowing something, and making sure that it's able to get to the right place. His skills and his contribution is in /knowing how things work/ and being able to transfer that knowledge. He is not a warrior, and he is not violent, and that /matters/.

Same for Galen. Galen matters because he was an engineer, because he was useful and valuable and knew that, and built a weapon with a weakness in it. He helped save the galaxy - not by building a better weapon, but by breaking one.

A note on both of those characters, by the way - they were only able to do what they did because they /played along/. Same with Chirrut. if they - any of them, Galen especially - had fought back, gone down in flames in some big Symbolic Gesture, confronted the Empire Directly - they would have been killed, and the empire wouldn't have noticed.

But instead they lied, and survived, and stayed alive because staying alive mattered. Bohdi didn't drive his ship into a star rather than support the empire. Galen didn't swallow a blaster barrel or space himself, or try to shoot Kennic.

And if they had, even more people would have died.

They fought with schematics and skills and /information/, and that allowed them to win and save lives.

(here is a lesson: we can't fight the government with guns. The government will always have bigger and better guns. We fight with /knowledge/.

Be willing to die for your cause, but be willing to live for it too, and only die when it /matters/.)



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